Come and discover our one-stop service offering a wide range of invaluable, costcutting and time saving benefits. ASA position ourselves as a flexible interface between manufacturers, operators and maintenance organisations.

ASA are proud that we have increased the purchasing power by amalgamating multiple customer requirements.

ASA understands the necessity of speed of response for your most urgent needs.

Our AOG service is available twenty four seven and is staffed by highly experienced individuals with extensive experience in aviation and logistical knowledge.

ASA specialises in supply to the aircraft through an extensive logistics network built up over many years and do not rest until your aircraft is serviceable and ready for operation.

We prefer to discuss your requirements on an individual basis; build a package to suit, source the necessary components and services and deliver a bespoke and cost effective solution.

Additionally, ASA have interior spares and access to interior outfitters to ensure that the cosmetic side of the operation, which is very important and often overlooked, is comprehensively catered for.

ASA’s guiding business principle is one of providing total reliability coupled with the best possible value so that you receive a cost effective and efficient service. We will always listen to you, find the correct solutions for you needs and offer a personal service from day one.

Helicopter Support

Helicopters, due to their flexibility, are operative in a wide variety of theatres.

For example:

  • Scheduled Operations
  • Corporate/Executive Operations
  • Charter Operations ( Sight Seeing, Corporate, Skiing etc.)
  • EMS
  • Off Shore Support
  • Logging
  • Aerial Press/TV Coverage
  • Pipe Line/ Pylon Inspection
  • Military Attack
  • Military Logistics/Liason
  • Freight
  • SAR
  • Maritime

ASA support them all and are here to provide customised solutions covering a comprehensive range of products and services and for example we now include rotors and gearboxes.

Importantly, due to the inherent dangers associated with rotary wing operations, ASA provide extensive safety checks and fully detailed traceable paperwork analysis.

ASA are constantly meeting and exceeding the highest standards in the aviation parts supply industry and if you area looking for the best one-stop, fast-track, cost effective service on offer, please get in touch.

Engine Support

Engine maintenance can be a considerable on-going cost but that is hardly surprising considering the technology involved. Our aim at ASA is to help you reduce these costs via a variety of bespoke programmes.
ASA support civil and military engines in the following areas: Fan, Pure Jet, Turbine, APU, Reciprocal and Piston.

You could benefit from our cost saving and on-time solutions which include parts supply, value engineering, engine and component health monitoring, component re-work, warranty assessment and management, maintrol and scrap procedures for parts with life remaining. All LLP’s supplied come with Back to Birth (BTB) paperwork.

Principally we deal in OEM parts but should the your requirement differ we can give a PMA assessment.

Our core specialities are primarily in the parts area of the engine:

  • LLP assessment, exchange or supply
  • Rotable exchange or supply
  • Component Repair/Overhaul management
  • Recommendation of applicable rework
  • Expendable supply
Furthermore, we can provide assistance on any shop visit and work with you to achieve the following goals:

  • Reliability and Safety
  • Turn Times and Availability
  • Review of Cost Drivers
  • Cost Effectiveness

ASA is always looking to cut costs but will never compromise on quality and believe that we have not finished our job until the engine is back in service.

Perhaps our greatest asset is that over the years we have developed an undeniable trust with our long-term business partners. This solid foundation, based on the quality and value of our Parts supply service and guaranteed component availability, is the key driver to our future prosperity.

Military Support

A wealth of experience dealing with Air Forces, Armies, Navies and Governmental Agency Flight Departments has positioned ASA as a leading provider of military logistical support.
We will meet and exceed your requirements and provide customised solutions covering a comprehensive answer to AOG, IOR or Routine situations.

Interestingly, our proven civilian aviation support programmes can be extremely effective in military logistics. For example, Component Leasing, Advance Rotable Exchange including either plus cost or flat rate, Rotable Loan, Rotable MRO Management or Expendable Contract Supply are every bit as effective in the military domain and provide exceptional operational and budgetary benefits.

ASA’s Integrated Purchasing Programme is a dynamic partnership with your active Logistics Team delivering unparalleled levels of support. Working together you will benefit from a service that is accurate, compliant,
on-time and cost effective.

ASA supports all aspects of Military operations, including but not limited to:

At the heart of our military logistics service we have developed a deep understanding of the unique technical and budgetary pressures made by military operations and their customers and Governments.

Adapting to the constantly changing demands in military logistical support has made ASA a ‘go’to’partner.